Amount : R500 per person.
Venue : 367 Hilda Street, Hatfield

If you have a small to non-existent marketing budget, or if you’d like an instant step-by-step guide on how to market your business without having to spend a cent, then this workshop is just for you!
It doesn’t need to cost a cent to market yourself and your business. All it takes is a little bit of lateral thinking, some planning and preparation, the right tools, and making sure it all fits together.
Part 1: Marketing Theory
Part 2: Practical: Getting down to “How” you get your mes-sage to your target market without spending money that you may not have as a small business.
Critically, we learn to tie everything together, and we develop a plan – with actions and deliverables – that ensures that we take appropriate steps in putting a co-ordinate marketing message in place.
About Megan Hudson
Megan has a degree in Languages and Politics, has studied Ethology (animal behaviour) and Psychology. She is a qualified coach, and ran a successful coaching practice from late 2001 to 2007. Prior to that, her career was spent in the fields of Marketing and Advertising working in, and on various blue-chip accounts. Megan is constantly intrigued by the similari-ties and overlap in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, Coaching, Psychology, Ethology, and Politics!

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