What do we do

We are basically a Organisation Development focusing on helping organisations change through people- what underpins our approach is coaching- we help people develop by getting them to find answers in themselves through a series of conversations- be it on a group/team level or on an individual level.

Our business

This we achieve by developing simple Talent solutions focusing on Coaching, Talent management & Recruitment for big and small organizations in South Africa and on the continent.

Our beliefs

  • · We believe organisations succeed because people succeed. Individuals make up the organisation – the culture, the values of people make organisations what they are.
  • · We believe people are well-adjusted individuals. They may need some support in coping with new or anxiety provoking situations while on their path to being long-term excellent performing individuals.
  • · We believe that everyone needs coaching at one time or another and that this doesn’t mean they are weak, but that they are tapping on a tool that will move them from being just good to being great.
  • · We also believe all people are different and as a result we do not approach individuals the same. We may have standard processes when we are doing our business but the individual will always shape the outcomes of the process.
  • We believe coaching is a key component to any talent management and development value chain

Our Vision

Our vision is therefore to be THE key partner in the development of higher performing individuals within South African organisations, big or small.

Ownership and BEE

The Coaching community is 100% black owned and managed and our intent is to create development opportunities for local communities should these opportunities arise. We however prefer to keep the organisation small as this enables us to respond quickly to client’s needs. Our business partners are varied, although we may think global, our hearts are local and our policy is to use organisations that share our stance on empowerment